No more papers, Excel
spreadsheets and shared disks

It has already been 2 years since we have started traveling to Sweden for solar panel assembling. There are always several teams working in different places that must report their progress to us. Because papers, Excel spreadsheets and shared disks simply don't work, so the useful tool named Workiary has been created to avoid recurring boring and unnecessary activities.

Reason behind creation

The application Workiary has been created to satisfy our real needs. We needed to report to our customers, count hours for employees and co-workers, share photos from ongoing contracts, have an overview of contract progress and most importantly give our employees the possibility to upload this information to the system from anywhere, anytime and above all easily. So the process has been automated and simplified. Workiary now saves not only our employee's time, but above all ours, because we have all the data in one place – clearly and completely available.

Team on construction site

“Scratch the itch”

Americans have the phrase “scratch the itch.” Startup founders often explain by using the prhase why they offer their product or service. They simply created what they personally lacked in the market, and that's our story.

Two years ago, we founded Swemont, with which we began installing solar panels in Sweden. Several teams worked for us, dealing with smaller and larger contracts across Sweden. Each order had to be well documented for the customer. At that time, teams were keeping notes on papers on the progress of work and hours worked, and took photos on cell phones. On Sunday (the only day off during the week), the recorded and photographed information was exchanged for several hours. It was very tiring and annoying not only for the employees but also for us.

As you probably know, the employees forgot to make notes during the week, they forgot to write lessons and take photos. Or they lost their notes somewhere at work. The paper, Excel, and shared disk system simply didn't work. We have calculated that we spend over a hundred hours a year of work that brings no value.

Therefore, I placed a request with my former colleague Luboš to create a simple application for monitoring orders, attendance, photos, etc. We deployed the application and the effect came almost immediately. Not only we were excited, but also our & nbsp; employees. The real use appealed to me and Luboš so much that we decided to continue the development so that we could offer this great helper to everyone to whom it can make work easier. This is how the Workiary was created.

Boss in the field

Beauty in simplicity

I am very pleased that we can now offer a service that we use happily every day. Workiary brings the benefit of perfect online orientation in orders, descriptions of activities and photos in one place, including hours worked by all employees. At the same time, everyone sees only the information they need to see (different rights can be assigned). For example, employees can easily check the number of hours worked per job on their mobile phones, upload the photos from the to or in a moment to the current job. The system is clear and easy to use. Nevertheless, it allows you to have all the data in one place, filter it according to various criteria or export it to Excel for customers.

This further reduces labor for all, increases comfort, transparency and mutual trust.

Team on construction site
Worker at work

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